Home Style: My Favourite Coffee Table Books


Home Style: My Favourite Coffee Table Books

I'm a sucker for a good coffee table book! I have them dotted around my home, in the sitting room, office & on my bedside table, they are the perfect source of inspiration for when I'm feeling a bit down and unmotivated. I have recently picked up (or received in way of presents) a few new ones that have taken centre stage on my coffee table. 

Home Style: My Favourite Coffee Table Books

How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are by Anne Berest, Caroline De Maigret, Audrey Diwan and Sophie Mas

This is not only a beautifully edited book but actually a fantastic read! I'm a self-confessed Francophile and obsessed with all things Parisian... be it skincare, fashion, lifestyle or food, I love it all! The book covers everything from how to be a Parisian mum to throwing the perfect, laid back French dinner party. It is everything that encompasses being Parisian for me: chic effortlessness and style.

Home Style: My Favourite Coffee Table Books - Cupcakes & Cashmere At Home

Cupcakes & Cashmere At Home by Emily Schuman

Having been a fan of Emily's blog for years and I was delighted that she brought out two books to go along with it. Her latest, Cupcakes & Cashmere At Home, is as the name would suggest centred around creating a beautiful space & lifestyle. Emily's style, especially when it comes to interiors, is right up my alley! If you enjoy beautifully decorated spaces and curated lifestyle content make sure to check out this publication.

Home Style: My Favourite Coffee Table Books

Decorate With Flowers by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring

Holly Becker is my guru when it comes to interior design, I own all of her books and am also a regular reader of her blog Decor8. Her latest book is all about enhancing your living space with blooms, which is something I can definitely get behind! I love flowers and just flicking through this beauty makes me feel miles better on a rainy afternoon! The book is filled with beautiful photos of flowers, arrangements & DIYs.

Home Style: My Favourite Coffee Table Books

Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

This is a book that I was dying to get my hands on as soon as I heard that it was in the works... I adore Lisa Eldridge, she is a true artist and an incredibly inspirational woman. I am a makeup geek and as much as I love playing round with makeup, finding out about it's origins, history & social meaning is just as exciting to me! It truly is a very different book to anything that has been released by any other makeup artist! It's an absolutely fabulous read so if you are interested in makeup it should be top of your reading list!

I couldn't imagine a more relaxing Saturday afternoon than sitting down with a cup of tea and flicking through these absolutely gorgeous books! What are your favourite coffee table books?

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5 Ways To Create Your Workspace Style

Pinterest Office Inspo (1)

As a self-confessed Pinterest junkie and small-space inhabitant, I’m in the process of creating what has affectionately become known as my ‘micro-office’. It’s tiny. As in, fits-in-our-cute-little-bay-window, tiny. Nonetheless, I’m determined that my spatially-challenged workspace will be a Pinterest-perfect thing of beauty in a similar vein to our Pink Elephant HQ main office, and here’s how… 


Beautiful Blooms Your office space should be somewhere that’s beautiful enough to entice you into firing through Monday morning emails, and some simple blooms are a not only a lovely start to the week but also changeable, so as to give your work space a little breath of fresh air at the beginning of each week. Flowers don’t have to be expensive, even simple supermarket flowers, once free from the nasty cellophane wrapping and arranged beautifully next to your laptop. My favorites in lieue of a traditional vase include a brass mint julep cup, jam jar or empty candle jar- the fancier the candle better (this is precisely how you get your value for money from a Diptyque candle!)

Office Inspo OficeInspo Print

Your Daily Inspiration A workspace is nothing if it doesn’t inspire you a little toward whatever goals you have in mind. Don’t underestimate the power of some mindful inspiration and quotes that resonate with you to get you in a headspace where sh*t gets done! Pinterest and Tumbler are awash with every imaginable inspirational quote, in styled typography that’s nothing short of frameable. If you have a particular theme you’ve styled your space around (monochrome, girly pastels, a particular colour) prints of your inspirational quotes can be used to tie this together by whatever font, colour & other imagery you chose. As they get tired & old, keep updating them to keep your space fresh.

Office Tips Clipboards Print

Office Style Tips Clipboards

Clip Boards The clipboard is grossly underestimated and a great little quirky way of displaying everything from to do lists and weekly planners, to your daily-inspo quotes and photos. Clip boards make a perfect interchangeable gallery system when fixed to a wall, and although cheap & cheerful can be quickly fancied-up with the help of a little gold/rose gold spray paint to the clip.

Office Style Tips Storage

Simple Storage Because clutter is simply not on the agenda when it comes to dreamy desk-space. This is a tricky one; generally the busier (and more successful) you become, the more clutter that magically amounts, ruining your feng-shui friendly workspace. Lots of hidden storage is the way to go here, Ikea kitchen storage can easily be converted to desk-side storage (if it’s good enough for vegetables, it’s good enough for stationary) and brass wire baskets a great way to organise a chaotic workspace.

2013 Shay Cochrane

Final Touches It’s the little touches that make your space truly beautiful, especially if you adopt a less-is-more approach and just have a few special accents to your space- when space is at a premium, these should always be functional. I’ve been known to spend irrational amounts of money on a rose gold stapler or some Kate Spade pencils, it comes with the territory of being a stationary junkie. It’s worth keeping an eye out in the likes of H&M, Zara Home (if you’re lucky enough to have access to one) and Accessorize for lust-worthy storage and stationary that won’t break the bank.

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Coffee Table Reads: Darling Magazine


Darling Magazine

I have been obsessed with Darling Magazine for quite some time now and I was so excited to find out that I can get it shipped to my home here in Ireland through this amazing new site called KIOZQ. KIOZQ is an Irish site that supports independently published magazines and aims to preserve printed media. The people behind KIOZQ are passionate about content and stock some fabulous collectible coffee table magazines such as Betty, Kinfolk, Life & Thyme and of course Darling.

Darling Magazine

Darling is not just any old magazine you throw in the bin after you are done. It is quite an aspirational piece of art with breathtaking photography and excellently written content. Their mission is (in their own words) to "hold the modern mold of woman up to the fire to evoke a discussion on femininity and re-shape an authentic design. Darling is... the art of being a woman".

I love Darling magazine for exactly that: it's authentic, thought-provoking and inspiring. The photography throughout the entire magazine is absolutely beautiful and makes me want to look at it over and over again. It covers everything from fashion, beauty to cooking and travel. On a more shallow note, it looks great and makes a great fabulous to my coffee table!

Darling Magazine Darling Magazine Darling Magazine Darling Magazine Darling Magazine Darling Magazine Darling Magazine

Darling magazine, like most magazines of this type, is not cheap - it will set you back €25 per issue. It is however a collectible, more along the lines of a fancy coffee table book rather than a glossy magazine that you only ever flick through once. Don't get me wrong, I sill very much enjoy Vogue, Elle or Glamour magazine but every now and then it's nice to read something that challenges me and broadens my horizons.

You can buy Darling magazine through KIOZQ and get it delivered for free if you live on the island of Ireland.

Have you ever read Darling? What is your favourite indie magazine?

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Coffee Time with The Copper Collection (video)


The Copper Collection

Like most people, I can't begin a morning without a cup of coffee, partly because of the much needed caffeine but most of all because making it is a bit of a ritual to me and feels therapeutic. I used to make my coffee in a very noisy machine at home which was great but ever since I have discovered The Copper Collection I have been loving filtered coffee and my gorgeous copper stand looks fab in my kitchen! Did I mention the stand is copper?!!

The talented ladies behind The Copper Collection, Danielle & Deirbhile, create hand crafted pour over / filtered coffee stands for coffee shops, at home baristas and lovers of modern lifestyle and decor. Copper is all the rage in interior design at the moment and the coffee stands will make your kitchen look instantly stylish. They also make fantastic birthday / wedding / house warming gifts.

The Copper Collection

If you are a lifestyle and decor enthusiast or even just a fan of pretty shiny things, make sure to check out The Copper Collection website and social media! Their Instagram account is to die for!

If you would like to buy one of the stands you can avail of an exclusive reader discount code (type PINKELEPHANT10 in at checkout, valid till Friday, 17th July).

The brewing of filtered coffee comes from Japan and is a lovely process. It doesn't take long and it produces a wonderful, flavourful cup of coffee. I love how tactile the whole experience is!

If you want to find out more about brewing coffee on one of the gorgeous copper stands make sure to watch the video below. If you love coffee you will definitely enjoy thus process!


Have you ever tried filtered coffee?

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Link Love


Link Love

There's no point denying it, I live with my phone, laptop and iPad pretty much physically attached to me. It's not ideal but I just can't get enough of the amazing sites that are out there! I love discovering new amazing sites so thought we will share some of our link love with you...


Jette Virdi

If you love food you have to check out Jette's website and Instagram - her creations are beyond beautiful. She is a friend, one of our favourite creatives & we had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions (here and here). Jette is an incredibly talented food stylist and creative, the organizer of some amazing creative workshops (Calligraphy, Salt, Planting... just to name a few). She is also the driving force behind the gorgeous Long Table Suppers, if you have never been I highly recommend you go along to the next one!



Coco And MingoCoco and Mingo is one of my favourite new finds. It's a US lifestyle & design blog with the most beautiful photography. It features all my favourite things - home decor, food, DIY and typography. Every now and then Jessica, the creator of Coco and Mingo, gives away these gorgeous freebies - anything from cute thank you cards, screensavers, invites, recipe cards to mention a few. I am a huge fan!

stylemepretty.com (29 Popsicles to Beat the Heat)

PopsiclesStyle Me Pretty is one of my favourite websites ever and I visit it daily. So. Beautiful. Just recently their article with summer popsicle recipes popped up in my Pinterest feed. Not sure how the weather is where you are in the world but here in Dublin summer has decided not to make an appearance just yet. I however am determined to at least pretend it's warm and will be eating popsicles at home looking out on the rain.

Make sure you go and check out this week's link love and share your favourite links in the comments below :)

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Our eBay Collections

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 14.12.03We love eBay - it's the treasure trove of online shopping and many a great find in our wardrobes and homes came from there! Whether we're sourcing vintage cocktail glasses, crates or an LBD, eBay is our first port of call. So imagine our excitement when we found out about the brand new Collections feature!

The Winter Edit eBay Collection

It's a brilliant concept: you can select items from eBay and display them on a sort of themed pin board. We use inspiration & mood boards all the time, especially when preparing bigger shoots or videos for Pink Elephant Blog, and love being able to pin down entire looks. What makes this even better is that the entire Collection is "shoppable" so we can always go back and pick up the things we need. You can also follow the many beautiful Collections created by others - this is particularly helpful when you are on the hunt for something specific (we found some amazing party accessories here)! This ads a fun, creative and interactive element to shopping.

Ebay Edit

We have created a few of our own collections all inspired by winter and the fast approaching silly season - you can check them out here.

Have you tried eBay Collections yet? If you're a fan of shopping, you will love it!

Alex & Becky xx

*This is a sponsored post that we’ve worked with a brand to create, rest assured we’re selective about who we work with as all opinions stated are genuinely our own. You can read our full disclaimer details here.

Easy Entertaining: Panzanella Salad


Easy Panzanella Salad (White Ceramic Round Platter from Sophie Conran)

Both Becky and I love going out but we equally (if not more) love entertaining. I used to have a bit of a problem with this. I love having friends over, throwing parties and feeding people in general. But I used to have myself stressed and tired with preparations to the point that I couldn't actually enjoy the party or dinner itself.

Some time ago we got the opportunity to do a photo and video shoot with some amazing pieces from the Sophie Conran range. Sophie is a interior designer, author and cook and has developed an absolutely beautiful range of dinnerware, glassware, cutlery, etc. We thought that this will be the perfect opportunity to introduce some beautiful and interesting lifestyle content on the blog.

Without further ado, here is our first video, a very easy Panzanella Salad (Italian bread and tomato salad). It is fresh, delicious and very easy to prepare. Perfect for lunch, a light dinner and a staple in my entertaining repertoire.

The Recipe 200g crusty bread (my favourite is sourdough - stale or fresh) 600g ripe tomatoes (use a mix for the colourful effect) 1 small red onion 1 clove of garlic a handful of basil sea salt freshly ground pepperextra virgin olive oil balsamic or red wine vinegar

Tear or cut the bread into large bite-sized pieces, place in a large bowl. Roughly cut up the tomatoes and add to the bread. Thinly slice the red onion, finely chop the garlic and add to the bowl. Tear up the basil leaves, add olive oil and vinegar to taste and season with salt and pepper. Toss the mixture together with your hands and give it another taste. Add more oil, vinegar, salt or pepper if needed. Transfer to a pretty serving plate and tear some more basil leaves over the top for decoration and give it a final drizzle of oil. Done!

We love serving this super tasty salad with barbeque or just on it's own for a girly lunch with a glass of prosecco.

What is your favourite easy entertaining dish?

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