Summer In A Bottle: L'Occitane Verbena


L'Occitane Frisson de VerveineL'Occitane are knocking it out of the park when it comes to summer scents this year. L'Occitane release a Verbena range every year and I haven't encountered one that I didn't like but this one is without a doubt my favourite so far. We've are having a fab summer in Ireland and I have been enjoying using this uber fresh and zesty number during the day.

The Frisson de Verveine Eau de Toilette is a unisex fragrance full of beautiful, fresh scents such as lemon, bergamot, cucumber and verbena, obviously. It is wonderfully refreshing and cooling, perfect for the summer heat.

In the same range you can find several different products like the hand cream (which is a cooling gel in this line), shower gel, bath salts as well as a cooling body mist and, my favourite, an Ice Gel for legs and feet (which will be the star of a post shortly - it's FAB!!).

This fragrance, being an eau de toilette, doesn't last absolute ages, at least not on me. There is an easy fix for this though, if you layer it by first using a body lotion or shower gel from the range, the scent will stay on much longer!

The scent has landed in L'Occitane boutiques in the beginning of July so if you haven't yet do go in and give it a sniff!

Frisson de Verveine Eau de Toilette* from L'Occitane is €49

Have you tried this years Verbena range yet? Let me know what you think!

A. x

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My March Birchbox: Lulu Loves Birchbox

BirchboxMy March Birchbox arrived during the week with a little help from Parcel Motel and this month is all around Lulu Guinness. The box sleeve had the gorgeous Lulu Guinness black and white stripes and a Lulu Guinness stick of rock inside- the fanciest stick of rock I've seen (quirky and retro yes...not quite sure what I'm going to do with it though!). In keeping with the Lulu Guinness theme, the box houses one of Lulu's top beauty picks, a collaboration with Benefit eye primer 'Stay Don't Stray'. I had read this was going to be included but if honest was a little disappointed that it was quite so tiny- obviously there's no expectation of full size product but I just think sometimes there needs to be a push toward more 'travel size' over beauty counter 'sample size' that beauty boxes tend to sometimes favour.

Birchbox March 2014The March line-up looks a little like this.... (left to right)

  1. Molton Brown Rhubarb 7 Rose Replenishing Hand Cream
  2. Dr. Brandt Pore No More Pore Refiner
  3. English Laundry No.07 For Her
  4. Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer
  5. Korres Citrus Body Milk

To top it all off there was a striped Lulu Guinness inspired stick of candy rock. You can see how this compares to my February (and first ever) Birchbox here. So how did I fare? Did you do any worse/better with your beauty box haul for March?


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Best of Beauty | Princess Product

Jo Malone Pomegranate NoirToday's Best of Beauty post (a series created by the lovely Samantha from All the Buzz) had me thinking long and hard for this past week. I tend to buy a lot of high end products and use them on a regular basis so I was trying to come up with something that is a princess-like splurge, even for me. And finally, after going through my beauty stash I came across this...

I present to you my ultimate indulgence, the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne - very well loved, hence the low levels and battered label. I adore this fragrance, it has something quite unusual and heady, almost masculine, about it, it's a very dark, sexy fragrance and whenever I wear it I get asked about my perfume. I am not amazing at describing scents but here is what Jo Malone say about Pomegranate Noir and I couldn't agree more: 'The sensuality of a daring red dress. Ruby-rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum are spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily and spicy woods. A dark and enigmatic fragrance.'  Yes, dark and enigmatic... and sinfully expensive, considering it is not an eau de parfum and you have to spray it several times during the day to make the scent last.

I know, I could do a lot with €100 but this scent has me addicted and I keep re-purchasing it over and over. I find the entire experience of shopping in Jo Malone absolutely beautiful and luxurious - from the service to the packaging, Jo Malone shops are perfection. I am also very tempted to invest in a Jo Malone candle, but considering how expensive they are I will wait until I have a very good reason to reward myself.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne costs €96 and available from Brown Thomas

You can find more posts from the Best of Beauty series on Twitter under the hashtag #BOBBlogchallenge.

Have you got any favourite Jo Malone fragrances?

A. xx

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Eccentric Molecules - Molecule 01

Eccentric Molecules Molecule 01Let me introduce you to my new friend - Eccentric Molecules Molecule 01. My lovely husband got it for me for Christmas & I've been wearing it ever since. When I heard about it first (lots of rave reviews on blogs and YouTube), I thought it was a bit gimmicky but when it appeared in Harvey Nichols I had to have a sniff. Here is what Eccentric Molecules say about the scent:

Molecule 01 consists of one single ingredient, ‘Iso E Super’. On its own it is less of an aroma than an effect. The wearer may notice a pleasant, subtle velvety-woody note which will vanish, then re-surface after some time, but more than this, she or he will notice the impact it has on other people. “Molecule 01 lends an indefinable radiance to the wearer,” says Geza Schoen. In fact, its effect is almost pheromonic.

Initially I thought it smelled a little of alcohol and after a little while it smelled of nothing at all. But (!!) a few minutes after spraying it onto my wrist it developed this amazing woody, slightly masculine & sexy smell - right up my street. When I got it and started wearing it the scent kept disappearing and coming back every now and then, I thought I have just gotten used to it and can't really smell it anymore. I knew it was still there because a lot of people were complementing the perfume and asking what scent I was wearing. Not sure about the radiance and the pheromonic effect but I haven't wanted to wear anything else since the 25th December (sorry, Jo Malone)!

Since the huge success of Molecule 01 the company has brought out several different scents all as quirky as the original. They definitely have a new and original approach to fragrance and are absolutely worth checking out.

P.S. - It's a unisex smell so the boys in your life may like this one too!

Let me know what you think if you've tried it!

You can buy Molecule 01 in Harvey Nichols and online it's available from Cult Beauty.

A. xx

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