The Latest Favourites

The Latest Favourites

It's been quite a while since I have been really excited about beauty products but after a recent clear out I fancied picking up a few new bits. A new foundation was top of my list and somehow buying one opened the floodgates! A new fragrance & beautiful pressed powder found their way into my hands within 15 minutes.

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Protect Your Skin: Nimue SPF Range

Protect Your Skin: Nimue SPF Range | Pink Elephant Blog

It's coming into that time of year... if you haven't already cracked out the SPF, now is the time! A tiny bit of sun on your skin is great to load up on vitamin D but if you are spending an length of time in the sun it is so important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The numbers of people with skin cancer are constantly rising and I'm sad to say that in Ireland skin cancer is the most common form of the disease. 

We've recently chatted to Nimue, South African skin technology brand, about some of their sincere products and after having tried and tested them I have to say, I am impressed! Sun protection is one of the Nimue key skin philosophies to reduce and prevent the harmful effects of environmental stress, pigmentation and premature ageing caused by ultra violet (UV) and infra red (IR) rays.

First up is the SPF 30 Body Spray* (also comes in SPF 50). It's a lovely lightweight liquid cream formula that absorbs fast into the skin. It is non greasy and doesn't leave that horrid white look on your skin. The spray is waterproof but I would still advise to reapply after a dip in the pool or the sea - it may be waterproof but a lot of the time your SPF is rubbed off if you are drying yourself with a towel. Better safe than sorry!

When I am away on holiday or if I am outdoors on the weekend I love using a tinted sunscreen instead of foundation. This one is absolutely lovely: non-greasy, moisturising and gives a beautiful dewy finish with the broad spectrum protection of SPF 40. The Sun-C Tinted SPF 40* comes in three shades (light, medium & dark) but like a lot of pharmacy / salon foundations will not be suitable for the paler skin tones. The light is actually quite a warm shade so if you are very fair I would suggest mixing it with regular facial sunscreen to lighten the texture up a bit and make it more transparent.

I've left the best for last. The After Sun Hydrator* is the star of the show for me! It's probably one of the nicest after sun products I have ever used. It's a wonderfully cooling, soothing and moisturising gel that helps repair and relax the skin after being in the sun. The best part - it smells absolutely incredible!

Protect Your Skin: Nimue SPF Range |Pink Elephant Blog

If you are on the lookout for some quality sun care products the Nimue range is definitely one to check out!

You can find Nimue products in spas and salons such as Platinum Therapy, Mount Merrion, Dublin; Buttercups in Malahide and in Dublin 2; Plush Beauty, Co. Limerick; Coco, Ballincollig, Cork; Beauty Republic, Carlow and many more.

Enjoy your days in the sun!

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*post includes PR samples

Eye Love It: REN Beauty Shot Eye Lift


REN Beauty Shot Eyes

Looking after my eye area is the single most troublesome thing in my skincare regimen and I have hormonal acne, so you can imagine what I think of my eyes! I've been "blessed" with really deep, dark and puffy circles under my eyes. It's a genetic thing and there's not much I can do to make them go away completely. I've used every eye cream & makeup combo under the sun, found some decent options over time but my latest discovery is a game changer

I've been introduced to the REN Beauty Shot Eye Lift at the product launch. I'm always a little underwhelmed by eye creams as they just seem to do so little that is instantly visible and was so impressed to find that this one was really different.

The Beauty Shot Eye Lift* is a light gel-type serum that promises to instantly lift and brighten the eye area. And for the first time in ages I actually completely agree with the marketing spiel!  On application I can feel the skin around the eye area tightening straight away and somehow my usually considerable eye bags are de-puffed and  definitely less purple. The serum has a very slight pearl shot through it which helps to bounce the light of the skin and brighten the entire area. It's also doing a great job on hydrating the skin around my eyes and taking care of those pesky crows feet that are caused by dehydration.

The great thing about this little serum is that you can apply it over makeup as well as under it so if you get a bit tired looking around the eyes while in the office this is your man!

The only thing to bare in mind when applying the product is that less is more and dabbing is better than rubbing! The serum can be applied over the eye lids as well but I found that some cream products can react with it and start ever so slightly peeling or balling up but I'm pretty sure that's due to me over-applying the serum. I've had absolutely no trouble with it under or over my concealer or foundation.

I've rarely been this impressed by the effects of a beauty product and cannot recommend it enough! It's hands down the best eye serum I have used so far and I will be re-purchasing when this one runs out for sure!

REN Beauty Shot Eye Lift is available from Cloud 10 Beauty and Space NK and is €40 for 15ml. It's not a budget product but absolutely worth every penny! It also seems that it will last for absolute ages as I only use a pump about the size of a grain of rice.

What's your favourite product for the eye area?

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*this post includes PR samples

New In: Pixi Lash Primer & Mascara


New In: Pixi Lash Primer + Mascara

Pixi is hands down one of my favourite skincare brands (stay tuned for some skincare reviews in the coming weeks!) - I've previously written about their legendary Glow Tonic! Up until recently I hadn't tried any of the brands coloured cosmetics but have now made up for that by trying some of their new releases for spring / summer. If you are looking for a mascara, this review is for you!

Unfortunately for me I was not blessed with great lashes. I have all the problems... my lashes are short, straight and not particularly full and all this has made me quite a picky mascara wearer but I have to say I did really enjoy using this combo!

PIXI Black Laquer Lash Primer* (€20)

New In: Pixi Lash Primer + Mascara

First up, the primer. I generally think lash primers are a bit of a faff but find that this one is quite different! For a start, it's jet black and can be used as a stand alone mascara (for those no makeup looks). It's not an essential step but I treat it like the first coat of my mascara. It gives me that much needed volume and preps the lashes for the weight of a heavier mascara I use for my second coat. It really helps my lashes not to droop and is also packed with lovely ingredients such as formula vitamins A, C and panthenol to help keep lashes in decent condition.

PIXI Lengthy Fiber Mascara* (€21)

New In: Pixi Lash Primer + Mascara

This one is definitely quite a full on fiber mascara that will make your lashes longer, waaay longer! I don't think I would use it on it's own on my lashes as this mascara gives a lot of length but not that much volume so I need something underneath (you may not need that layer if your lashes are naturally full). I love the brush that comes with this mascara - it's a good old traditional mascara brush that makes it so much easier to avoid clumping. Again the formulation is full of good stuff: vitamin E, panthenol, and chamomile extract are added to strengthen and protect the lashes.

If you are on the lookout for new mascara these are definitely worth checking out! If your lashes are good you may not need both products but for me these two are the dream team and I love using them together.

PIXI makeup is available from Cloud10 Beauty & in the Marks & Spencer Beauty Hall.

Have you ever tried any of the PIXI makeup?

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*this post includes PR samples