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Having being firmly on team rose-gold for quite a few years now, I’ve just come on board with yellow gold and more recently silver.

There was a time when my jewellery was exclusively silver, bear in mind this was around the same time that I use to iron my hair with an actual iron...

It was on our mini-honeymoon in Sicily this summer that a silver Marc Jacobs watch found its way onto my person, courtesy of my new husband. I’d intended on a slinkier more delicate design, but after trying on every single watch Marc Jacobs has ever made, I came to the conclusion that anything other than chunky looks a little elderly on me.

 And then there were the loafers, all shiny and eye-catching in Zara. I managed to walk away on seeing them the first time but they eventually came home with me… shocker.

I’m loving a red lip teamed with silver at the moment, my current favorite being Givenchy’s ten year anniversary Le Rouge lipstick. Great long-lasting pigment with a lovely velvety finish, wrapped up in a leather & silver casing; you’re not going to get much fancier!

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Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle

Essie Hors D'OeuvresIt finally arrived!!! I ordered a new Essie nail polish a while ago and it arrived last week. I'm not sure if you have already noticed but I am a bit of a magpie and love all that glitters - so this nail polish is a dream come true to me! Without further ado here it is: Essie's Hors D'oeuvres. It is a glitter polish with fine golden glitter and larger silver glitter particles mixed together - perfection!

This baby comes from Essie's latest Encrusted collection. There is six very pretty glitters in the collection but Hors D'oeuvres has caught my eye straight away. I love the combination of gold and silver (my Christmas tree is proof of that!) and it looks absolutely fabulous on the nails. Encrusted is the perfect word to describe it! My nails are very sparkly and the differently sized glitter particles give the colour lots of dimension (sorry for the weird hand shot below, I'm really not the biggest fan of my hands.... )Essie Hors D'Oeuvres

I am absolutely in love with this nail polish and will be wearing it throughout the festive season. As far as I know, this collection has launched in early December in the UK but I haven't seen any trace of it here in Ireland. I ordered mine through Amazon and it arrived within a week. If you are into glitter polishes this is definitely one to check out, one of the most beautiful ones I own!

I bought my polish here for £8.90.

A. xx

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Our Winter / Christmas Nail Polish Picks

Winter & Christmas Nail PolishesI have admitted it before, I have a slight problem when it comes to nail polish, I just can't stop buying it! I've had a look through my little (or some might say ridiculously big) polish collection and have dug out the ones that will be on my nails through December and especially the festive season.

The polish I wear most at the moment is Rouge Noir from Chanel and the Dior Diva one, which is a gorgeous black with gold and red glitter shot through it. Unfortunately it is a limited edition but they have a dark red one with golden glitter in their Christmas collection this year, also very beautiful. Depending on what I will be wearing on Christmas day (not decided yet) I will probably have the red glitter from Deborah Lipmann or Chanel's Quartz on my nails.

I haven't bought any new ones lately but I have my eye on a few. One of them is Essie's Hors D'evours, a beautiful silver and gold glitter and from the same collection a black glitter Essie's Belugaria. This collection hasn't yet launched in the UK and Ireland but I'm hoping I will be able to get my hands on it soon...

What are your favourite winter / Christmas nail polishes?

A. x

Christmas DIY - Beaded Heart Napkin Rings

DIY Beaded Napkin RingsI love making homemade presents and decorations - it's the Martha Stewart in me. That is not to say I am particularly good at it... I have no patience, I cannot write or cut in a straight line so my predispositions aren't great but I thought coming up to Christmas I will show you a few little and easy DIY projects. It's a great way of making lovely, thoughtful presents and decorations on a budget. There is lots of different beaded decorations on Pinterest but this one I found in a magazine. It's pretty and practical too - gotta love that!

You will need only a few things: thin silver or gold wire, a ribbon of your choice and small beads. The colour choices are up to you (I also made some golden ones). I went for a gold wire and silver beads as our Christmas tree and table will be themed around these colours. Other than that you will need scissors and depending on the flexibility of your wire you may also need pliers.DIY Beaded Napkin RingsThe first step is measuring out around 20 - 30 cm of your wire (depending on how big you want the heart to be) and bending it in half so it makes a V shape, like on the photo below.DIY Beaded Napkin RingsAnd now for the slightly fiddly part - getting the beads onto the wire. I just tip the beads into the lid and spike them onto the wire, it really doesn't take long. Make sure you make a little loop on the end when you are finished one side, so the beads don't slide off while you are studding the other side of the heart (I learned that the hard way - beads everywhere!!!!). Once you are finished and both sides look equal to you, tie the two ends together and shape your heart by pushing down where you tied the two ends together. Once you are happy with the shape make another little loop so you can slide the heart onto the ribbon.DIY Beaded Napkin RingsAnd that is pretty much it. It takes no time at all to make and looks absolutely stunning. I will be using these as napkin rings on my table this year but they would make a fabulous present as well. You could get some linen napkins and tie each one with one of these gorgeous napkin rings. They would also look gorgeous as Christmas tree decorations or tied over the neck of a nice bottle of wine you are presenting someone. I find that these would also make beautiful and inexpensive decorations for wedding tables, hen nights, etc. The possibilities are endless! DIY Beaded Napkin Rings DIY Beaded Napkin RingsLet me know if you enjoy making your own presents : )

A. xxx

Space Nails: Butter London Lillibet's Jubilee

Butter London Lilibet's JubileeNot your average summer nail polish, I admit.  But I am inadvertently drawn to anything glitzy and sparkly - my magpie syndrome. I remember seeing this on someone's blog when it came out around, surprise, surprise, Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee and thinking "I must have this". I finally found it in Space NK the other day and got it, even though traditionally it's pastels and brights season at the moment.

I initially thought this is just going to be a regular metallic silver nail polish but it has a rather lovely lilac sheen to it, which makes it all the more desirable and unique (not that I need a 150th nail polish in my collection... but it's pretty and I couldn't help myself). It applies really nicely in one coat and gives a cool foil-effect finish.Butter London Lilibet's Jubilee

Butter London nail polish in Lillibet's Jubilee available from Harvey Nichols (Space NK)  €14.50

A. xx