DIY Gold Oyster Shell Dish

DIY Gold Oyster Shell Dish
This is what must be the easiest DIY in the world. It involves only two things: some oyster shells and gold paint. After a few minutes of leisurely painting you will have created these dinky gilded dishes that will add whimsy and interest to a table setting, bedside or dressing table.

I am not usually one for decorating with sea shells but removed from an overall maritime theme the gilded shells look absolutely gorgeous! I use them as little salt and pepper dishes but they would also be fabulous as a bedside ring holder.

You will need:

- clean & dry oyster shells (any other large sea shells will be perfect as well) - gold paint / liquid gold leaf (go for food-safe paint if you are using these to store salt or pepper)

DIY Gold Oyster Shell Dish DIY Gold Oyster Shell Dish
All you need to do is paint the inside of your shells with a couple of coats of your gold paint, let them dry and then fill with salt (or rings, or whatever else you want to use it for). Because it is so easy and low-maintenance it is the perfect wedding DIY - the golden shells holding salt & pepper would look beautiful on the tables!
If you try this DIY let me know how you get on in the comments below!
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Easy DIY Flower Crown


DIY Floral CrownI can't imagine a better hair accessories for summer than a gorgeous fresh flower crowns. They are prefect for festivals, summer weddings or birthday parties... and they're really easy and fun to make!

All you need is a bit of wire (you could substitute that with a bendy branch like an olive branch or some ruscus), floral tape, scissors and flowers of choice.

DIY Floral Crown

Wrap the wire into a circular shape and measure to your head to see if the crown will fit properly. Then wrap some pretty greenery around it to cover the wire, secure it with some floral tape. Cut the stems of your blooms to 2-3'' in length and then attach them to the crown with floral tape. That's how easy it is!

DIY Floral Crown DIY Floral Crown

You can make the crown as big or small as you want, it all depends on what flowers you choose. It would look fantastic if you used big flowers like peonies!

I love playing with flowers and usually make floral crowns whenever I have some blooms left over from arrangements. Making floral crowns would make for an amazing bridal or baby shower activity if you are looking for something different to do!

DIY Floral Crown DIY Floral Crown

Have you ever tried making a floral crown?

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