Healthy Habits | 3 Lazy Girl Tips To Start Today

Healthy Habits

Hardcore sweat-fests are like medicine to me. They literally wipe out any traces of anxiety and leave me riding an endorphin wave that’s a little addictive. In the interest of healthy balance, I also find napping and basically any sort of carbohydrate falls into my addictive category.

For various reasons I’ve had to take a break from my hardcore training the past few months. I’ve maintained Yoga and taken up Pilates again – both of which are great. I’ve also invested time in some holistic therapies(mainly regular acupuncture) and I’ve learned some really interesting simple healthy habits along the way. Tips that, unless you intentionally seek an alternative holistic lifestyle, may not be on your general radar but that can make a big difference to your overall health.

1. Kickstart Your Digestion

Firstly hot water and lemon. I used to drink this before school when I was about fifteen after hearing Kate Moss and her pals swear by it. The trend dwindled to be replaced with my morning milky tea, however I’ve rediscovered the value and the science bit behind starting your day with this.

The acidity in the lemons kick-starts your digestive system and cleanses the liver - which bear in mind takes quite the pounding with alcohol, refined sugars and saturated fats. The science bit is that it basically makes your liver produce bile, which is what boosts digestion – so particularly effective on an empty tummy in the morning. It’ also a diuretic, alkalizes your PH levels (great for heartburn and anything inflammation related) and boosts your immune system.

Lemon Drizzle Cake
Lemon Drizzle Cake

2. Choose Wisely

Secondly is multivitamin quality. I’m all for a selection of vitamin supplements to keep healthy, but I’ve learned what really matters is the absorption effectiveness. If your body isn’t absorbing the vitamins you’re basically paying for very nutrient dense pee!

Vitamins are broken down into fat soluble and water soluble. So the first step here is to ensure you’re guzzling enough water and taking on clean fats (plant based where possible – hello avocado toast!), this allows your body to absorb and utilise the nutrient building blocks in your body.

The other important factor is opt for natural over synthetic vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are manufactured synthetically with chemicals whereas natural vitamins are derived from sources naturally occurring in nature and generally are utilised more effectively by our bodies. Think of it as an organic option. In all honesty since making this switch I’ve finally noticed a difference from supplements. Solgar and Viridian are good naturally derived vitamins, as is Floradix.

3. Goodbye Plastic, Hello Glass

Lastly is to ditch the plastic. I’m a big water guzzler and have an impressive collection of Evian & Volvic bottles on the back seat of my car to prove it. The thing is, with plastic bottles and containers comes BPA. I was a little surprised to research the harm that this can do , given pretty much everyone I know happily chugs away from plastic bottles.

The very short detail on BPA is that it’s an industrial chemical used in plastic (and lots of other products) which can seep into the actual beverage/food. The effects toward health issued when ingested are only recently being highlighted.

Healthy Tips
Healthy Tips

The whole BPA argument is a bit of a grey area. Industry funded research is claiming no harm on the body while independent research strongly suggests otherwise… I’ll let you make your own mind up on that. Avoiding plastic bottles in particular is actually trickier than you’d think. Firstly a water filter for your tap is money well spent, and there’s now lots of glass water bottle options (thank you Kate Spade). Steel canteens are another option (TK Maxx can be great for these) or BPA free plastic bottles.

So there you have three small but effective changes that can make a significant difference to your health, none of which involve a sports bra! Have you any everyday wellness rituals or routines?


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